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As we embarked on our journey to test and review the Vvolt Alpha e-bike, little did we know that it would surprise us in more ways than one.

With its sleek design and impressive specifications, the Vvolt Alpha had piqued our interest, but what we discovered during our extensive testing left us eager to uncover even more.

From its powerful motor and low-maintenance drivetrain to its standout features and solid performance, the Vvolt Alpha has certainly made a strong impression.

But what sets this e-bike apart from the competition? What are its strengths and weaknesses?

Join us as we delve deeper into our comprehensive review of the Vvolt Alpha e-bike, and prepare to be intrigued by what we uncover.

Vvolt Alpha Specs and Features

The Vvolt Alpha e-bike offers a range of impressive specs and features that make it a standout option in its class.

As a Class 1 e-bike, it provides pedal assistance up to 20 mph, thanks to its 350W rear-hub motor.

The single-speed drivetrain with Gates Carbon belt drive ensures low maintenance, while the knobby hybrid tires allow for versatile riding on different surfaces.

The bike also comes with three-pack mounts on the forks, perfect for bikepacking and carrying extra gear.

On the pros side, the Vvolt Alpha boasts fast and responsive motor input, easy operation with the single-speed belt drive, versatility with the hybrid tires, and uncommon features like triple-pack mounts.

However, there are a few cons to consider, including ghost pedaling at higher speeds and limited power output.

Despite these drawbacks, the Vvolt Alpha offers a decent range of 15-40 miles, with the actual range falling between 25-30 miles.

It also excels in maneuverability and smooth cornering, thanks to its 27.5 wheels and 43 lbs weight.

The battery integration into the down tube is seamless, and the bike features solid stopping power with Radius hydraulic disc brakes.

With additional components and accessories available, like fenders and ergonomic grips, the Vvolt Alpha is a solid entry-level e-bike at an affordable price.

Pros and Cons of Vvolt Alpha

After evaluating the Vvolt Alpha e-bike, we’ve identified several pros and cons worth considering.

On the positive side, the Vvolt Alpha offers fast and responsive motor input with a highly sensitive cadence sensor, making it a pleasure to ride. The single-speed Gates Carbon belt drive ensures low maintenance and easy operation, while the knobby hybrid tires provide versatility in different environments. The inclusion of triple-pack mounts on the forks is an uncommon extra feature that adds practicality. Additionally, the Radius hydraulic disc brakes deliver great braking performance.

On the downside, the small chainring size leads to ghost pedaling at higher speeds, and the five pedal assist system (PAS) settings lack differentiation. The limited power output, loose feeling in the drivetrain above 17 mph, and the need for a larger chainring for effective pedaling at faster speeds are also cons to consider.

Vvolt Alpha Range Test

During the range test of the Vvolt Alpha e-bike, we measured its actual range to be between 25-30 miles, surpassing the claimed range of 15-40 miles. We tested the e-bike with a 375 Wh battery and 350W motor, and the test included over 800 feet in elevation gain.

It’s worth noting that the range was affected by the amount of motor assistance used during the test. Additionally, we found that in PAS 5, the highest pedal assist setting, the Vvolt Alpha was able to pedal for an extra 40 minutes, which is 66% longer than expected.

Other Features of Vvolt Alpha

We were impressed by the maneuverability and smooth cornering of the Vvolt Alpha, thanks to its 27.5 wheels and lightweight design of 43 lbs.

The bike’s integration of the battery into the down tube gives it a sleek and streamlined appearance.

The Radius hydraulic disc brakes provide solid stopping power with 160 mm rotors.

The Vvolt Alpha also offers additional components and accessories such as fenders, a fork with accessory mounts, and ergonomic grips.

The recommended rider height ranges from 52-60 inches for the S/M frame and 59-64 inches for the L/XL frame.

Overall Assessment and Areas for Improvement

Impressed by the maneuverability and smooth cornering of the Vvolt Alpha, as well as its lightweight design and integrated battery, we now turn to our overall assessment of the e-bike and identify areas for improvement.

As an entry-level e-bike, the Vvolt Alpha offers decent ride feel in its lowest pedal assist setting and achieves a respectable range. The solid performance from the brakes and the off-road capability provided by the hybrid tires are also commendable.

However, there are areas for improvement that we’ve identified. Firstly, a larger chainring would greatly enhance the climbing ability of the bike. Additionally, adjustments to the controller and pedal assist system for better performance, as well as more variance in the pedal assist settings, would be desirable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Vvolt Alpha Have a Suspension System?

No, the Vvolt Alpha does not have a suspension system.

Can the Vvolt Alpha Be Ridden in the Rain Without Damaging Any Components?

Yes, the Vvolt Alpha can be ridden in the rain without damaging any components. Its solid construction and sealed electrical system ensure that it can withstand wet conditions without compromising performance or durability.

Are There Any Options for Upgrading the Battery or Motor on the Vvolt Alpha?

Yes, there are options for upgrading the battery or motor on the Vvolt Alpha. These upgrades can improve the bike’s power and range, allowing for a more customized riding experience.

Does the Vvolt Alpha Come With a Warranty?

Yes, the Vvolt Alpha comes with a warranty. It is important to check the specific terms and conditions of the warranty to understand what is covered and for how long.


Overall, the Vvolt Alpha e-bike offers impressive performance and features at an affordable price. With its powerful motor, low maintenance drivetrain, and versatile tires, it provides a smooth and enjoyable ride on various surfaces.

The three-pack mounts and hydraulic disc brakes add convenience and safety to the biking experience.

While there are some areas for improvement, such as better climbing ability and more pedal assist settings, the Vvolt Alpha remains a solid choice for riders seeking a reliable and versatile electric ride.

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