Karlhoff Berlin 5G Edition

Urban cyclists take note. Do you care about how your bike looks as much as it does what it does? Then take a look at the Kalkhoff Berleen 5.G Edition, which will please you with its design and reliability. The battery is integrated into the frame in an almost invisible manner, and the simplicity of handling this bike is impressive. Here we leave you the report of Bianca, who has tested this e-bike for you in detail.

Kalkhoff Berleen’s design convinced me at first sight. The battery is completely hidden inside the downtube, making it impossible to tell it’s an e-bike to the naked eye. The bike is matte dark blue and matte black, and I love the understated combination. The colors complement the frame design, which features a slightly sloping top tube for a sporty look.

But what I find most important is the integration of the engine control system. The support level and battery charge level can be easily read or adjusted by pressing a button on the top tube of the frame. It’s also handy on my rides, especially since I always use the same level when I’m in town. But if that’s not enough for you, you can attach your phone to the handlebar and turn it into a screen. The Bluetooth connection is good and the app provides many other details.

berlin switch button

“E-bikes are easily controlled with buttons on the top tube of the frame: colored lights Green indicates supported mode and blue indicates battery level. It couldn’t be easier. “

The motor (Bafang Groove Go, 250W) starts up quietly and safely. During my test rides, I occasionally climbed a hill and along the banks of a river, and with the support of the electric power, I passed other cyclists effortlessly. On paved bike paths you can go as fast as 25 km/h, and in city traffic you’ll go a little slower. On my way to work, the average speed is 20 km/h. In comparison, the average speed I drive is only 31 km/h, so I’m not much faster. The battery capacity runs out after 40km, but for my purposes as a city bike, it’s more than enough, especially since the less powerful battery saves some weight. This is important if we consider that the bike weighs 20.4kg and that I sometimes have to carry it up and down stairs.

“I test the bike every day I leave home and start my journey through the old pothole-filled streets of the neighborhood. Then I walk down to the bike path by the river, which is wide and well paved. The last stage, I Crossing a very busy street with pedestrians and cyclists in a densely populated residential area. Using an e-bike, I can go faster than other forms of transportation because I can go fast along the bike path along the river, without having to stop at any traffic light.”

Compare travel times by means of transportation. The driving distance is about 6 kilometers.

Public transportation: more than 45 minutes

I also considered the rest of the e-bike rig, rigid forks require very little maintenance compared to suspension forks and are more than adequate for city riding or bike trails. Of course, if you ride a lot on rough terrain, you might want to consider a suspension fork. Lightweight aluminum fenders and lighting fit perfectly into this understated design and function. The handlebars look clear and intuitive: at your fingertips are the bell and the display on your phone screen, clearly visible. Thanks to the 35mm Conti tires, I was able to ride smoothly over small bumps as well as going up and down curbs. If a pedestrian tries to cross the driveway without looking, Shimano disc brakes come into play. It’s just that the luggage rack is a bit small for me, but that’s probably because my bag is always full of purchases 😉

After a week of testing, I have positive impressions. The Kalkhoff Berleen 5.G Edition impresses not only with its discreet and well-thought-out design, but also with its reliable engine power over short distances. The components and extra parts are durable enough for me, so I can definitely avoid long trips to the shop. By the way, Kalkhoff backs the frame with a 10-year warranty in case the frame takes a hit at any point.

During my e-bike trials, a welcome side effect was that I drove past gas stations every day with a smile on my face 🙂 You can find all the technical details on EBIKE24.es, where you can also buy a Berleen. You can contact their customer service staff to find out which frame size is best for you. The assembled bike will be delivered to your door so you can start enjoying it.

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