5. Cover and Fixtures, Conclusion

If you’ve been relying on cheap silicone cases so far to attach your smartphone to your bike’s handlebars, you’ll quickly realize that these are a far cry from the mounts and cases tested in our test. You’ll notice it in terms of quality and ergonomics. Anyone who likes a high quality, easy to use system will appreciate the Fidlock and SP Connect options.

Comparing them, we find that the Fidlock mounting system is slightly better than the SP Connect. For ease of use, practicality, and ergonomics, it scores slightly higher. The SP Connect, on the other hand, is a little easier to assemble. However, neither component takes more than 15 minutes.

systems with different characteristics

The Fidlock fastening system once again surpasses the SP Connect when it comes to smartphones. 360-degree rotation lets you position your phone anywhere, all thanks to magnets. Fidlock lives up to its image as a specialist in magnetic locking systems. In the manufacturer’s range you will also find innovative concepts for bottle holders and helmet closing mechanisms. Let’s see what neat ideas they have in store for us soon 😉

For those who aesthetically dislike big ties and prefer a more sheer look, we recommend the SP Connect lanyard system. Micro Stem was the winner of our test. We really like the Handlebar Mount Pro because it sits on the front of the stem.

What cover do you want?

As for smartphone cases, it can be said that both manufacturers have done a very good job. We prefer the Fidlock case. because? Decisive factors are the smaller wall thickness and the slightly harder plastic. This makes it look more like a classic case.

The SP Connect case is a bit bulky. To switch between portrait and landscape mode, you also need the orientation tool. Its use doesn’t represent a headache, but it’s an extra piece to consider.

limited offer

The fact that both providers only offer cases for a few smartphone models is distressing. In addition to offering cases for all current iPhones, there are also cases for Samsung’s top models. At this point, it would be better if they offered a slightly wider range. Maybe it’s also more profitable for the provider itself.

As for the packaging, Fidlock’s packaging is a little more appealing to us. Both suppliers are largely free of plastic. The packaging is mostly cardboard. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that this material is recyclable. We found no indication of this.

last but not least

One thing worth mentioning: According to the instructions for use, the Fidlock stand and smartphone case cannot be placed in the microwave or dishwasher. Plus, they shouldn’t be in the fridge! Ugh, thanks for the advice dear guidebook. It’s always good to know 😉

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