Welcome to our review of the GoTrax F5, where we explore the features and performance of this folding frame electric bike. As enthusiasts of compact transportation solutions, we appreciate the practicality and affordability that the F5 offers.

Priced at a modest level, this e-bike manages to surpass expectations in terms of quality and functionality. However, there’s more to this bike than meets the eye.

Stay tuned as we uncover the various aspects of the GoTrax F5, and discover if it truly lives up to its reputation.

Key Takeaways

  • The GoTrax F5 is a folding frame electric bike that is priced around $1,000, making it a low-cost option.
  • The F5 offers good overall value with its mix of components and design.
  • The bike is easy to ride and suitable for new riders or those who haven’t ridden in a while.
  • The F5 has a battery that can take riders more than 50 miles on a single charge.

Folding Frame and Low Cost

Are you in need of an electric bike that offers a folding frame and low cost? Look no further than the GoTrax F5.

This electric bike features a convenient folding frame, making it perfect for riders with limited storage space. And the best part? It comes at an affordable price of around $1,000, making it a budget-friendly option.

Despite its low cost, the F5 doesn’t compromise on quality. Its bike parts are of good quality and exceed expectations for the price. Plus, it offers a solid ride and great value for the money.

Easy and Fun to Ride

Riding the GoTrax F5 is a breeze, making it an easy and enjoyable experience for all. Whether you’re a new rider or haven’t been on a bike in years, the F5 is designed to make riding a pleasure.

The 4 wide fat tires provide stability and help boost rider confidence, especially for those who may be a little apprehensive. And with its folding frame, the F5 isn’t only easy to ride but also easy to store and transport.

The step-through frame design allows for effortless mounting and riding, making it accessible for riders of all abilities. Plus, with a battery that can take you more than 50 miles on a single charge, the fun never has to end.


One of the main advantages of the GoTrax F5 is its overall value as a folding e-bike with a mix of components and design. The F5 offers a great combination of quality parts and affordability. With a price around $1,000, it provides good value for the money.

Another pro of the F5 is its 4 wide fat tires, which provide stability and boost rider confidence. Additionally, the folding frame allows for easy storage and transportation, making it convenient for riders with limited space. The step-through frame design also makes mounting and riding effortless.

Lastly, the F5 has a respectable range of 23-56 miles, which is suitable for this type of bike.


Despite its many advantages, the GoTrax F5 does have some drawbacks that potential riders should be aware of.

Firstly, the poor acceleration and top speeds for PAS 12 may not be preferred by many riders who want a more powerful and faster ride.

Additionally, the bike’s weight of 67.4 lbs can be too heavy for some to lift or carry, which may limit its portability.

Another drawback is that the bike starts ghost pedaling after reaching around 18-19 mph, which can be inconvenient and affect the riding experience.

Lastly, the 14-28T cassette could be replaced with an 11-28T for better pedaling performance, as this would allow for smoother and more efficient rides.

Despite these drawbacks, the GoTrax F5 still offers a solid ride and good value for the money.

Electrical Specs and Features

The GoTrax F5 offers a range of electrical specs and features that enhance its overall performance and functionality.

It’s equipped with a powerful 48V, 500W rear hub motor, providing ample power for smooth and efficient rides.

The bike is powered by a 48V, 652.8Wh/13.6Ah lithium-ion battery, offering a generous amount of range for riders to enjoy.

The LED screen display interface allows for easy monitoring of important information, while the LED mounted running lights ensure visibility and safety on the road.

Additionally, the F5 comes with 5 levels of pedal assist (PAS 15), allowing riders to choose their desired level of assistance.

These electrical specs and features make the GoTrax F5 a reliable and enjoyable electric bike option.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take to Fully Charge the Battery of the Gotrax F5?

It takes about 4-6 hours to fully charge the battery of the GoTrax F5. Charging times may vary depending on the current charge level and the type of charger used.

Is the Gotrax F5 Suitable for Off-Road Riding?

Yes, the GoTrax F5 is suitable for off-road riding. It has wide fat tires that provide stability and a folding frame for easy storage and transportation, making it a versatile option for different terrains.

Can the Gotrax F5 Be Ridden in the Rain?

Yes, the GoTrax F5 can be ridden in the rain. The bike is equipped with LED lights, a folding frame for easy storage, and a battery that can last for more than 50 miles.

Does the Gotrax F5 Come With a Warranty?

Yes, the GoTrax F5 comes with a warranty. It’s always important to check the specific terms and conditions of the warranty to ensure you understand what is covered and for how long.

Can the Gotrax F5 Be Used Without Pedaling, Like a Fully Electric Scooter?

Yes, the GoTrax F5 can be used without pedaling, like a fully electric scooter. It has a 48V, 500W rear hub motor that allows for fully electric operation without the need to pedal.


In conclusion, the GoTrax F5 is a fantastic option for riders in need of a folding frame electric bike that’s both affordable and convenient.

With its low cost and high-quality parts, it offers great value for the money.

The bike is easy and fun to ride, with stability provided by its wide fat tires.

The impressive battery life allows for longer rides, making it a great choice for any rider.

Overall, the GoTrax F5 is definitely worth considering for your e-bike needs.

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