December 3, 2023

That’s big news, but there’s not much to add after reading the headline. Tesla did two very important things early on. First, they developed a charging system whose design does make sense for technical reasons. The second thing they did was build thousands of Tesla “superchargers” almost everywhere.


Tesla NACS Supercharger Plug

In March 2021, we wrote about various proprietary charging plug designs (to view the article, click here)

On the left is the CCS “Combined Charging System” and on the right is the Tesla NACS “North American Charging Standard” plug. Currently, the number of NACS charging stations is two to one with the number of CCS charging stations.


Tesla’s Supercharger Network

Luckily, Tesla’s charging standard works well, but even if it’s just as good as other standards, the main reason it quickly became the standard is because their multinational charging network has With over 45,000 locations (click here)


Nissan Leaf

The biggest refusal to adopt Tesla’s charging plug is Nissan. The Nissan Leaf is selling quite well, in part because it’s one of the most affordable of all EVs. If you buy a Nissan, you can of course have a Nissan charger in your garage at home, but not many public chargers offer a CHAdeMO or J1772 plug.

The two charging ports on the front of the 2023 Nissan Leaf are CHAdeMO (left) and J1772 (right, half of the CCS outlet). CHAdeMO works well, but seems to be a dying standard. Additionally, the 2024 model year is expected to be Nissan’s last “Leaf” model (2010-2024…RIP).

Nissan began production of the “Ariya” all-electric sport-utility crossover in 2020, but production has been erratic due to global supply chain issues caused by the coronavirus crisis. It appears they intend to replace Leaf with Ariya. Like the Leaf, the Ariya uses two charging port options. J1772 and CCS (no CHAdeMO or NACS).

Pictured above is the 2023 Nissan Ariya. I’m a fan of the Nissan Leaf battery mods (to see our article about them click here) so… I hope they continue to use this type of battery as they are great as a home backup.

I appreciate Nissan’s use of two different outlets on their EVs, and I hope they add Tesla NACS ports to future models, or add some type of adapter that will allow Nissan owners to use the national Tesla charging network.

Personally, I’m a big fan of hybrids, so…both sides probably hate me (to see my article on hybrids, click here)


By Ron/spinningmagnets, July 2023

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