Bionx Electric Bike Kit Review

As I glided down the bike path, the wind rushing through my hair, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of liberation and exhilaration. It was as if I had unlocked a hidden power, effortlessly propelling me forward.

This newfound sense of freedom was all thanks to the Bionx Electric Bike Kit. In this review, I will explore the benefits and limitations of this kit, uncover other notable details, and share user experiences that will leave you eager to discover more about this innovative technology.

So, buckle up and get ready to embark on a journey through the world of electric bike kits.

Key Takeaways

  • The Bionx Electric Bike Kit provides seamless assistance and a nearly silent motor, making it feel like a strong tailwind.
  • The kit is relatively lightweight compared to other kits and has high-quality components for a solid feel.
  • However, the Bionx kit is more expensive compared to buying a whole electric bike and may not be as effective for hauling heavy loads up steep hills.
  • The kit is owned by Magna, a big automobile parts manufacturer, and has been making electric bike kits since 1998.

Benefits and Limitations of Bionx Electric Bike Kit

The Bionx Electric Bike Kit offers seamless assistance and a nearly silent motor, making it a popular choice among electric bike enthusiasts. The kit provides a strong tailwind-like experience, effortlessly propelling you forward. The motor operates quietly, allowing for a peaceful and enjoyable ride.

Compared to other kits, the Bionx kit is relatively lightweight, making it easier to handle. The high-quality components used in the kit give it a solid and reliable feel. Additionally, the design is clean and organized, with minimal wires to deal with.

However, it’s important to note that the Bionx kit comes with a higher price tag compared to purchasing a whole electric bike. Furthermore, it may not be as effective when hauling heavy loads up steep hills. For consistent heavy load hauling, mid-drive kits may be more suitable.

Other Notable Details About Bionx Kit

Bionx Electric Bike Kit, owned by Magna, a big automobile parts manufacturer, has been a trusted choice in the electric bike industry since 1998. This kit is speced on many new electric bikes from various brands, which speaks to its quality and reliability.

It’s worth noting that Bionx doesn’t make a kit for 130mm dropouts, limiting compatibility with road bikes.

Additionally, the entire electrical system of the bike weighs 6.6 kg, with the motor, controller, cables, and screen weighing 2.5 kg and the battery weighing 4.1 kg.

Despite some limitations and potential issues with battery longevity and power, the Bionx kit remains a solid and dependable choice for those looking to convert their regular bike into an electric one.

User Experiences and Interactions

I was pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback and experiences shared by users of the Bionx Electric Bike Kit. One user, a Bionx dealer in Canada, expressed satisfaction with the kit’s performance and hill climbing abilities. Another user shared their positive experience with the Bionx 350PL kit.

However, some users did encounter challenges with the kit. One user mentioned installation tips and challenges they faced while installing the kit on their recumbent trike. Another user mentioned the limitation of the 20 mph speed limit for certain routes. Despite these challenges, some users still liked the Bionx system.

One user, however, lost a small white regen magnet switch, which locked the system in regen mode. Additionally, some users mentioned limitations in compatibility with road bikes due to the kit’s dropout size.

Battery and Longevity

After examining the user experiences and interactions with the Bionx Electric Bike Kit, it’s important to now consider the subtopic of battery and longevity.

Some users have reported that BionX batteries have a limited lifespan and may not last very long. Additionally, the smallest replacement part for BionX systems can be expensive. However, it’s worth noting that BionX now offers to rebuild batteries for a lower price.

It’s also worth mentioning that some users have experienced a lack of power and speed on their BionX system compared to other conventional ebike kits. As a result, when they’re done with the system, some users plan to switch to a different brand.

These factors should be taken into consideration when evaluating the battery and longevity of the Bionx Electric Bike Kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does the Bionx Battery Typically Last Before Needing to Be Replaced?

The Bionx battery typically lasts for a limited lifespan before needing to be replaced. Some users have experienced lack of power and speed compared to other kits, leading them to switch to a different brand.

Are There Any Compatibility Issues With Certain Types of Bikes When Using the Bionx Kit?

There can be compatibility issues with certain types of bikes when using the Bionx kit. It may not be compatible with road bikes that have 130mm dropouts, limiting its compatibility.

Can the Bionx System Be Used as a Training Tool for Cyclists?

Yes, the Bionx system can be used as a training tool for cyclists. It provides seamless assistance and makes riding easier, especially in G-modes. However, some users have reported lack of power and speed compared to other kits.

Does the Bionx Kit Offer Regenerative Mode for Recharging the Battery While Riding?

No, the Bionx kit does not offer regenerative mode for recharging the battery while riding.

Are There Any Known Issues or Complaints About the Power and Speed of the Bionx System Compared to Other Electric Bike Kits?

I haven’t heard of any specific issues or complaints about the power and speed of the Bionx system compared to other electric bike kits. However, some users have mentioned experiencing lack of power and speed.


In conclusion, the Bionx Electric Bike Kit offers a seamless and enjoyable cycling experience with its nearly silent motor and high-quality components.

While it may have a higher price tag compared to purchasing a whole electric bike, its lightweight design and solid feel on the road make it a worthwhile investment.

However, for heavy load hauling up steep hills, mid-drive kits may be more suitable.

Overall, the Bionx Electric Bike Kit is a great option for both seasoned cyclists and beginners looking to enhance their cycling experience.

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