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Mid-drives took the e-bike world by storm in 2013, and this year they took center stage at two of the biggest international bike shows.Dozens of big global bike makers added mid drive models to their lineup, and…it’s only about a year After many of them first started adding power center– Add electric bikes to their catalog.

1. Bosch

this is the big thing you know need learn.Bosch is big in Europe, 2014 is the year North American e-bike enthusiasts can at last buy one.user cannondale, trekand sea ​​bike. There are also contracts with a dozen other bike manufacturers in Europe. Check out some of the companies that have signed contracts with Bosch in our article.

Bosch mid-drive.

Bosch mid-drive.

2. Daum/Kalhoff

The drive is made by German Daum company. The Kalkhoff Impulse is the best known model to use this technique, but it was also contracted by Hausmarken, Raleigh, and also by Daum bike they themselves.

Karhoff pulse.

Daum mid-drive installed on a 2013 Kalkhoff Impulse.

3. eProdigy/Boflexi

eProdigy actually has quite a few dealers in North America, and you can buy any of their five 450W e-bike models right now (see the story here). Bofilli has nearly identical drives and is sold in Europe.

electronics prodigy

eProdigy 450W mid-drive.

4. light bike

These guys have been around for a while (see the story here). They’ve been promoting mid drives for a few years before Middies became the talk of the town. Since midway drives are really good on steep hills, they tried the Pikes Peak run in 2011 and 2012 for advertising value. Several of Optibike’s 48V models were the first two-wheelers to climb to the top, mass-produced e-bikes sold to the public (only race trikes and 111V personal two-wheelers beat them).

Left is their current drive, right is their drive New mid-drive system SIMBB for 2014, which is much more powerful. The SIMBB’s battery pack is housed in the same aluminum BB housing as the motor.


Optibikes current drive is on the left, their new 2014 SIMBB mid-drive is on the right.

5. Brose/Benchmark

Continental is a big company known for its tires, so I was surprised to stumble across these tires recently.The motor is made of brush and drive system by benchmark.It is currently contracted for use in several models A2B company.they also with German off-road Rotwild (Red Deer) brandthis Motion Tech Magma, and cube bike.

In the spring of 2014, Conti was impressed with the Benchmark hard drives designed just for them, They bought the company!

Continental mid-drive.

Continental mid-drive.

Benchmark's Brose drives use low Kv motors and a single quiet belt reducer.

Benchmark’s Brose mid drives feature a low Kv motor and a single quiet belt reducer.

6. R Martin / HiTek Bikes / Evelo / Aseako

I’m sure each of these companies will be annoyed that we’re lumping them together, but each sells several similar models that use what appear to be the same drives. I’m sure there’s one factory near Shanghai and a second near Shenzhen/Hong Kong… both Thousands of them are producing these products.

Several companies use this type of drive.

Several companies use this type of drive.

7. Hanebrink

Hanebrink’s story is very interesting. Apparently, this is a system designed specifically for extreme sand and snow operations (see the story here).

Hanebrink's tires encountered sand and snow during the ride.

Hanebrink’s tires encountered sand and snow during the ride.

8. Panasonic

This well-known electronics company is not new to e-bikes, they are early adopter Mid-drive to get the best performance out of the 1975 Japanese 250W power limit on e-bikes. They can be found as the following options: BH emotion Bicycles (see our story on these).They are available for Panasonic-Bikes, BH eMotion and Spencer Ivey.

Panasonic mid-drive.

Panasonic mid-drive.

9. MPF 5.0

One of the first e-bike companies to use the MPF-5.0 is third element. They suffered a serious setback when they originally signed the drivetrain contract with Cleanmobile (see our story), but they are now back on their feet (see our story on the new one) third element here).This driver is also used Leo, Concept Bicycle-Switzerland ONEbike, Electronic LOM, reduce-Benellithis visio bike prototype, Willier Ambere-Xpress price, fly leeds biker, concept cycle Yi Swan. Thanks to forum member Gob33 for the many links. Thanks!

“MPF” means Matching performance and functionality.

MPF-5.0 Mid Drive

MPF-5.0 Mid Drive

10. Electragil Akron

This is another rare find (from Switzerland) that may only be available to European customers at the is used by morning and TDS pulse (see our story).

Acron mid-drive.

Electragil Acron Mid Drive.

More midrange drivers?

This started out as another “Top Ten” story (they seem to be popular), but we keep getting links to be added, so…here they are. Some are in production and some are not. It is difficult to get information for the drives listed below…

11. Conway Electric Rider

Read our article on this extreme off-road electric bike. It uses triple reduction from the motor to the BB spindle to allow the motor to achieve super high rpm and deliver more power from the smaller motor.

Conway Electric Rider.

Conway Electric Rider.

12. Shimano Steps

The steps mean: SSing timeOtar Secondelectrical phosphoruswall Ssystem, which hopefully will be ready for testing soon.

Shimano STEPS mid-drive system.

Shimano STEPS mid-drive system.

13. TranzX

There isn’t much information available about the TranzX system at the moment, but we’ll keep looking for whatever we can find…so far it’s been contracted as Currie E3 peak.


TranzX integrates motor, reducer and controller. The “AGT” label is their self-transformation automatic gear transmission system.

14. Yamaha

Yamaha has been in the e-bike world since 1993, and they haven’t put much effort into exporting outside of Japan, but they are a global company with deep pockets. So…we’ll be keeping a close eye on their developments.So far, their newest mid-drive has been signed up for huge bike, giant is very big Players in the International Bicycle Market. there is a history here Yamaha’s e-bike system.

Drive in Yamaha. Their experience in making quality motorcycle parts certainly shows this.

Brand new Yamaha mid drive. Their experience in making quality motorcycle parts is certainly evident.

15. Electric gun

This mid-drive is being sold to bike builders as an option that can be added to almost any frame (like Bafang’s BBS02 kit), but…they haven’t landed any contracts yet. The picture shown is from a 2012 Interbike with the drive mounted on an A2B bike.

AEG mid drive "Kit" Sold only to the manufacturer.

AEG mid-drive “kits” are only sold to the manufacturer.

16. Sevedele

this German company Name it “Hidden in the middle of the drive”Chevedele“, named after the famous Italian mountain resort. It sits inside the frame’s downtube, with the P. vivax/Gruber Auxiliary kit. By using a down tube instead of a seat tube, the motor can be made larger than the Vivax setup.

The Cevedale is mid-drive, with the motor hidden in the downtube.

The Cevedale is mid-drive, with the motor hidden in the downtube.

17. Altitude

Evation drives are from a German company also Hide the motor in the this video link See more details.


Evation drivers are also hidden in the downtube.

18. Bionic Man

this company is also from germany (lots of innovation there!), they’ve been making trail bikes for a while, and now they’re working on their own mid-drive. It’s not clear if the drive has a proprietary interface, or if it can be mounted to other companies’ frames for which it wasn’t necessarily designed.

Bionicon mid-drive.

Bionicon mid-drive.

19. Green transport

The company is from Taiwan and they also have an office in Germany for European business. They sell electric scootersand recently added a 250W rear hub bicycle to their queue. At the recent Taipei Cycle Show, they announced the development of a mid-drive, and the interesting tidbit is that it will run at 48V, despite the fact that the stock battery is only 8.5-Ah.

Green Trans' new 48V mid-driver.

Green Trans’ new 48V mid-driver.

20. Diavilo

This is a dutch company that produces road bikes Combined shaft drive (No chains!) and the hidden elongated motor Chainstay inside framed.

Protanium / DIAVELO

Protanium DIAVELO. The motor and shaft drive are housed in the black tubes that make up the chainstays of the frame.

21. Coax One, Ressel Tech, Austria

This is new and there isn’t much information about it. The company release says it will be sold in power levels between 250W and 600W, and the factory spider will house two platters. Thanks to Fandez, member of the e-bike forum from, for the link.

One of Ressel Tech's coaxial cables.

One of Ressel Tech’s coaxial cables.

22. Shengyi

This is the new mid-drive that was introduced at the April 2014 Shanghai Bicycle Show in China. Image courtesy of member d8veh.


Shengyi middle drive

23. Fall down

This is also the new mid-drive at the Shanghai Exhibition in 2014, thanks again to ES member d8veh.


New Dapu middle drive

24. TDR Flux

Thanks to forum member Gob33 for providing this link. TDR e-bike company hails from the Netherlands and the motor is located in the downtube. Their frame uses hydraulic disc brakes and the gears are NuVinci N360 IGH. The 250W motor uses 36V.


TDR Floxx 250W mid-drive from the Netherlands.

25. Nieder Koba

This new hard drive is from a Japanese company and I can only find pictures of what it looks like.It’s probably a 250W unit, and it’s advertised as being used in e-bike models Momentum Electric from the UK.

The Nieder Kopal plant is located in central Japan.

The Nieder Kopal plant is located in central Japan.

26. Samsung

The company is a large multinational corporation best known for its popular Galaxy line of smartphones. In the field of electric bicycles, they are one of the two major manufacturers of safe high-current 18650 batteries. I’m glad to hear they decided to develop a high-quality mid-drive, as they won’t risk damaging their hard-earned reputation by producing a low-quality design.

Samsung's new mid-drive hard drive. The photo was taken at the Interbike 2014 conference in Las Vegas, USA.

Samsung’s new mid-drive hard drive. The photo was taken at the Interbike 2014 conference in Las Vegas, USA.

27. Pollini, from Italy

Polini drives should be available on some models in 2017. I suspect it’s a collaboration between Polini and Yamaha, but I don’t have hard evidence yet… For more on Polini’s article, click here.


The sign says “Polini Motori”

#28 Fendt

The Fendt company is a large and successful manufacturer of agricultural tractors. They unveiled their proprietary mid-drive at Eurobike 2018 in Germany.

Drive in Fendt.

#29 Bafang Ultra Max

You can read our article on the Bafang Ultra Max here.

Bafang Super Max

If you like the idea of ​​a mid-drive but you’d prefer to add a Kit Average bikes…check out our article on mid-drive suite here.

By Ron/Spinningmagnets, January 2014 (continuously updated as more drive units are produced)

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